Health Protocols and Forms – 2020-21

This page contains the forms and written regulations required by the Province of Ontario Public Health to participate in limited group activities. It accessible by private link and may be used by Mooredale Youth Orchestra members, in particular for filling out the Health Screening Questionnaire, which is a requirement for every in-person rehearsal session.

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We will keep this page up to date with the latest information.

Online Forms

This form is the Health Screening Questionnaire that is required to be completed for every visit by a youth orchestra member to any of the buildings on the Mooredale Community Centre site, each time they enter the premises. We will send out the link to parents/players attending the in-person cohorts two days before the rehearsal session. You may wish to bookmark this link, and complete it automatically prior to you/your child’s in-person attendance. Applicable for auditions.

Youth Orchestra COVID-19 Health Screening Questionnaire

This form is a Waiver that must be signed/submitted by consent online, once per youth orchestra season. Its purpose is to hold Rosedale-Moore Park Association blameless if you/your child should contract Covid-19 at their premises, while engaged in youth orchestra sanctioned activities. It will also be applicable for our audition sessions.

We provide both an on-line version and printable form below.

Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability

Printable Form

If using this version, please print, sign, then scan/email and/or hand to your conductor prior to the start of the in-person rehearsal session.

Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability (PDF)

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