About Us

Since its inception 1988, Mooredale Concerts has become one of the most exciting and successful musical enterprises in Toronto. Designed to inspire and entertain the whole family, great classical music performances feature top professionals as well as brilliant young artists.

Some events also have commentaries on the music and human stories about the composers sprinkled in between pieces, enhancing audience appreciation.

Mooredale Concerts presents the high calibre Concert Series and the family series Music & Truffles, created for young people ages 6-11, but also great for adults new to classical music. We also operate the Youth Orchestras program.

Mooredale Concerts provides a cultural service to the greater Toronto area community and because we have a reputation for high quality at rock bottom prices, we have a large following. Families, singles, seniors, friends and groups alike enjoy the friendly and informal atmosphere while sharing the inspiring music.

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