Board of Directors

Mooredale-HouseMooredale Concerts is a social enterprise that operates as part of the Rosedale-Moore Park Association, a registered charitable entity providing recreational, educational, and general interest services to the public. Rosedale-Moore Park Association has a board of directors [9 positions], one which is dedicated to the Concerts and Youth Orchestras. Bijan Sepanji is the current representative. Christina Cavanagh serves as the board president.

The Association provides fiscal support ie: bookkeeping, financial statements as well providing rehearsal space to support our 3 youth orchestras and visiting artists, and administrative assistance to the overall entity. Mooredale Concerts financial position is reflected in the overall financial statements of Rosedale-Moore Park Association, which are audited annually. The Association advertises Mooredale Concerts and Orchestras through its community outreach publications and initiatives.

Mooredale Concerts Management

We list below the people who contribute to our enterprise. Many of these people give their professional time 100% as volunteers, for which we are fortunate and grateful.

Anton Kuerti, Artistic Director Emeritus
Wonny Song, Artistic Director
Christina Cavanagh, Managing Director
Yvonne Ivicevic, Front of House Manager
Elizabeth Bowman, Bowman Media
Alison Bennie, Graphic Design
Alex Korittko, Website & Ticket Manager

plus various paid contractors engaged with social media, catering, acting, and coaching.

Mooredale House Management

Paul Buksner, Executive Director
Candace Li, CPA Accounting
Joanna Ingram, Operations
Catherine Loeffler, Memberships

Youth Orchestra Conductors

Bijan Sepanji, Junior Orchestra
Deborah Pady, Intermediate Orchestra
Larry Beckwith, Senior Orchestra

Special Thanks to Special Friends

Catherine Berthiaume, Paula Carcamo, Eric Chow, Marija Ivicevic, Joanna Kellam, Peter Olsen, Shaun Pearson, Angela Rudden, Ysak Seo

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