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“Thank you for your pledge of support for Mooredale Concerts.  We are very grateful.” – Anton Kuerti, Artistic Director Emeritus


Mooredale Concerts has been built on the foundations of donors – whether it is volunteer time, favours in kind, and of course much needed dollars. We have been very fortunate in the past to have a strong donation base. But this doesn’t mean that Mooredale Concerts has all it needs!

We use donation dollars to support our programming efforts and to help cover our costs. Our ticket revenues and tuition fees only cover 80% of our operating expenses.

Donation dollars are also used to support the bursaries that we give to Youth Orchestra members who are unable to manage tuition expenses, to purchase instruments, music stands and equipment.

Helps us to attain our vision of the highest quality music at affordable prices and fulfill our lofty mission “Great Music for All”.


How to Donate

Use the on-line form below for donations by credit card or print out our Donation Form and mail to the address below.  To discuss donation options, please contact Christina at 647-988-2102 daytime, eve/wknds.

Make cheques payable and mail to:

Mooredale Concerts
146 Crescent Road
Toronto, Ontario M4W 1V2

Tax receipts are issued for all donations.

THANK YOU!  We are deeply grateful for all support!

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