Summer Music Camp 2020

Music Video Recording & Production
for small ensembles
July 4 to August 29 (Online) – Register below

Bijan Sepanji, instructor

Bijan Sepanji, violin

This is a very exciting opportunity for Mooredale orchestra players who are interested in creating their own digital content and extending their summer involvement with music and their favoured string instrument. Players will learn how to expand their musical horizons, creating online content that will not only showcase their abilities as a musician, but also to develop a mini-production that they can be very proud to share with family & friends!

Bijan Sepanji, our junior orchestra conductor, is a member of the Ton Beau String Quartet, and a skilled, busy educator. He has developed and will lead this course. Bijan had the recent distinction of being the sound/video engineer for our on-line youth orchestras Watch Party June 21st. This work involved dealing with hundreds of tracks, multiple story boards, and working through some very difficult situations, in order to create the collective beauty heard that day!

This program is suited for all Mooredale players. Students will be placed into similar skill-based groups of 3-4 to learn the basics of creating a musical production, using their skills as players, plus audio and video editing techniques. Video meetings will occur on Saturday’s for an hour per group, starting July 4. A best time will be established based on group availability.

Prior to the first session and with the help of the instructor, each group will brainstorm musical ideas and decide on ONE suitable piece that will be interesting, challenging, and feasible to work on for the duration of the summer.


Students must have access to a PC or Mac for about 3 hours each week to work on various assignments and mini-projects. They will be expected to download and install the recommended software for recording, editing, and producing the final product. All software is open-source and completely free to use.

Meetings will occur once a week for 1 hour with each group, supplemented by email 1–2 times between weekly sessions to follow-up with assignments and give detailed feedback on work.

The 8 week outline by session.

Jun 27-Jul 3, Pre-camp: Ensemble confirmations, choosing a suitable work for each musical ensemble.

Jul 4-10, Week 1: Rehearsals begin with the assigned pieces. Students will learn how to use the audio software (Audacity) for recording and basic editing. First assignment will be given to practice the newly learned skills and feedback will be given during the week.

Jul 11-17, Week 2: Rehearsals continue with assigned pieces. Students will continue learning about audio editing and creating simple click-tracks. Recording assignment given for following week. Time to learn the piece with lots of practising!

Jul 18-24, Week 3: Work continues with assigned pieces. We will go over the recordings and discuss important strategies for creating a multi-voice (multi-track) audio recording. Students to create their first multi-track recording by recording two separate parts and layering them on top with the help of click-tracks (guide-tracks).

Jul 25–31, Week 4: More rehearsal on assigned pieces. Video editing tutorial begins. Students will learn how to create multi-track video recordings using OpenShot, and how to align videos precisely in order to create a musical video. Students will create their own mini-music video as an assignment.

Aug 1-7, Week 5: Assembling the production team. Each group will have one Audio editor and one Video editor as part of the production team. We will go over the roadmap for creating a proper click-track for the final video project. Non-production players will assist in creating the click-track.

Aug 8-14, Week 6: Click Track quality control. We will make sure the click-track is in good shape to be used for the final recording. If adjustments need to be made, they will be made right then. Review the music prior to making the final recordings. Students will create their individual recordings using the click-tracks created by the production team.

Aug 15-21, Week 7: Reviewing the recorded videos and creating a storyboard for video editing. Production team will decide if the material is of sufficient quality to create final music video. Non-production team students will offer creative ideas for storyboard.

Aug 22-28, Week 8: Assembly of multi-track audio and video recording. Reviewing the cuts made in the music video and offering suggestions for improvement. Creating titles and credits, and any finishing touches, as required. Learning how to publish to YouTube as a Premiere video for our final presentation the following week.

Aug 29-Sep 5, Presentation Week: Based on student schedules, we will pick a day to Premiere all video productions on YouTube, with all friends and family watching. Prior to releasing the video on YouTube, we meet on Zoom to create a sense of community and audience.

Deadline to register: Friday June 26th

For further information, please email:


8 week tuition is $339.00. Please note there is no pro-rating – payments are for the full session only.


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